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Short Video Ads,

Sample :

Description :

Do you want to create Short video ads for your business?

Best Photo Slideshow team will help you to create your professional stunning video ads for Facebook, Instagram.

Video Marketing is the best marketing strategy.

Videos increase sales by 200%

In this Gig, I Will Create video ads for your business to attract new costumers and make a presence in social media.

The How: Our 7-Second Hook Formula:

In order for your videos to work their magic, people actually have to WATCH them first.
You’ve only got seven seconds to snag your prospect’s attention
Interrupt and break their focus
Introduce quick and bold
Engage through call-to-action.

What you get with this gig:
A professional FULL HD Video
Access to a 4M+ stock video library
Sound included! (according to the plan chosen)
Outro or Intro
Product promo video

Running time: 39 seconds.


Ready to get started?
Contact me first so we can chat about your requirements and expectations.


Hey! If you want to Order contact us on Fiverr

Give us the details of the plan you want to order, we will create a custom order for you


What format is the final delivery video?

It is Mp4 format H.264 coding with optional resolutions of 1080p and 720p

Is any other language supported?

Yes, Other languages that shuffle from right to left are also supported.

What do I need to submit?

1- Product videos, images or footage for your business (15 placeholders to place your photos or video clips)

2- Text : 12 phrases (3 words max for each phrase is better)

3- Your Background Music (Optional)

4- Link of your Business Website (Optional)

If i want a custom video?

if you want a custom video, please contact me and give me your expectation, I will give you some samples, if it’s fine we will create a custom order.

How can i order this Gig?

Contact us, give us the details of the plan you want to order, we will create a custom order for you in fiverr.Com, then you can pay in fiverr