How to make a collage of photos with your own hands

17th Aug 2020, author: Nuria

Ideas, methods and examples of design


Do you want to please your loved one, revive happy moments in your memory or decorate your interior with style? Make a beautiful photo collage with your own hands!

We love to look at ourselves, family and friends. We love to capture important events in the photo. But in the age of digital technologies, pictures are on a computer or phone, they are lost in social media feeds. Gradually, there are more folders with photos, and it becomes more difficult to find the necessary ones. And I really want to look at the brightest shots more often! Take and combine these pieces of life, assemble a beautiful, bright mosaic from them. This is what collages are for.

Collage of photo

Most likely, you created your first collages as a child – school newspapers, gifts to relatives and friends. In order to make a collage of photographs, it was required to print them, prepare the base in the form of a Whatman sheet, board or canvas, cut out everything you need, arrange and stick. A difficult task that takes a lot of time, effort, and resources – printing a photo alone is worth it. Now it is much easier to create a photo collage since a special computer program has appeared.

In fact, this is still a do-it-yourself collage, because you pick up the photos and come up with the design yourself. However, creating collages on a computer has a number of obvious advantages. Let’s consider 5 main ones.

1. Save your time and resources


To create a classic collage, you will need a base made of paper, cardboard or wood, several photographs, colored paper, postcards and newspaper clippings, scissors, and glue. This is at least, and more interesting works are decorated with fabrics, natural materials, beads and similar trifles. In order to start working, you need to clear the table, collect everything you need, layout the elements on the base, experiment with the composition, and then cut and glue. We’ll have to allocate a whole evening to do everything in one sitting – who wants to re-lay out all this office.

collage of photo

When working on a computer, you do not need to spend money on materials. No need to search or buy consumables, print photos in advance. You can give your project at least half a day, at least half an hour – and then just save and continue when time appears again. But the main thing is that the program has many ready-made design templates for different holidays. It’s no secret that one of the most difficult stages is to come up with the composition and style of the future craft.

2. You have the right to make mistakes!


When working with paper, scissors and glue, you have no room for error. Cut off the excess – you need to take a new photo. Overdid it with glue – the same thing. Towards the end of the work, we realized that a different composition would have looked better, or that some important picture did not fit – we had to redo everything from scratch. The main rule of ordinary collages: measure seven times – cut one.

collage of photo

When creating a collage on your computer, you can experiment. Copied the original photo – and cut it as you like and as many times as you like. You can endlessly change the composition in search of the ideal. I did not like it – they passed it on without spending a single sheet, not a drop of glue. And if suddenly something does not fit or, on the contrary, looks too small, you can simply stretch or shrink the image. Thus, working in the PhotoCollage program is much more comfortable psychologically, and the possibilities for creative experiments are wider.

3. Unlimited space for creativity in design


In addition to the actual photographs, collages use many other elements. These can be clippings from glossy magazines, figures from colored paper, old bills and coins, buttons, pieces of fabric or foil – everything that is in the bins. This is definitely not in the program, you might think, and you will be mistaken. The new version of Photo COLLAGE includes all the decor elements.

You can add beautiful lettering without worrying about the letters coming out different in size or slope, as is often the case with handwriting. You can add frames for photos using ready-made templates, or create your own in the constructor. You can add eye-catching photo filters to your photos, or use masks for more interesting edge framing.

You can decorate the collage with clipart – pictures on a transparent background. Use a catalog with presets or add your own elements by cutting them out of any images – just like in real life. You can even make inserts from newspapers that are popular in collages – after all, most publications now have electronic versions. We go to the site and take a screenshot of the title we like, and then just overlay it. And you can specifically look for a substrate for craft paper, newsprint or gloss by typing text on it in a beautiful font. By the way, with the help of the program, you can create not only collages, but also postcards, and even photo books.

4. Embody the most daring ideas


Different colors, sizes and shapes of elements are creative chaos that can turn into harmony in a bizarre way. A more conservative option is to choose images that are similar in shape, size and tone. You will get a strict and stylish collage. The extreme form is strict geometry (for example, 16 square photos combined into a 4×4 square). And that can look delicious too!

collage of photo

Even a graveyard of fridge magnets can be turned into a masterpiece of art with time and taste. If you don’t really know which design will fit well into your interior or the interior of the person to whom you want to present a collage of photographs, you will have to experiment. It’s a shame to make a collage with your own hands, and then find out that it did not fit the style or simply does not physically fit on the wall.

Agree that it is easier to shuffle pictures to achieve the ideal on the monitor screen than to drive in and pull nails out of the wall or stick and peel off the tape. And what, for technical reasons, is unrealistic to do with physical objects (for example, putting plates or pictures in wooden frames on top of each other) is possible with virtual ones. Here, the only limit to creativity is your imagination.

5. Produce and multiply


The classic collage will remain one and only, but it is difficult to consider it an advantage. For example, suppose you decide to prepare a gift for all your colleagues or a few close friends. Do a few pieces by hand? Or you need the same collage, but in different sizes. Or you want to repeat your successful work in a year. Remember? It is hardly possible to make the same collage with your own hands.


collage of photo

In the Photo COLLAGE program, you can select any format and size of the collage base you need for subsequent printing. Fortunately, now photo salons also print large-sized images – for example, A3 or A2. The choice of paper (glossy or matte) and lamination is already a matter of having free money. You can always edit, replace, or add photos to the finished project. And of course, the electronic version can be sent to friends on the Internet or printed as many times as you like.

We also promised you examples and ideas for inspiration. In the gallery below there are some striking works created using the Photo COLLAGE program.