7 ways to make life easier with Photo slideshows

21st Aug 2020, author: Nuria

“I don’t need your photo slideshows!” Is a phrase that makes us sad. People say it sincerely, not even suspecting that it is the creation of a slideshow that will save them a lot of problems, hassle, and expenses. We explain how.

We think in stable stereotypes. Chinese products are still considered synonymous with something substandard, although almost all of the equipment we use now is made in China. Even iPhones are collected there, and the stamp in my head has not been erased. The same fate befell the slideshow.

Comparing slideshows from the 90s or early 2000s to today’s ones is like comparing the capabilities of mobile phones over the same period of time.

At the dawn of photo digitization, they were ugly. The banal change of photos with lurid animation looked tasteless and cheap. Since then, slideshows have raced far ahead, but in the minds of many people remain a sign of bad taste, backward technology, and uselessness. Indeed, why waste time making photos jump from different corners of the screen when you can just flip through them with the mouse?

vintage photo slideshow

It’s another matter when you can edit a video from photos and videos on any topic, which is not inferior in quality to the work of professional designers and advertisers. And for this, you do not need to receive special education and accumulate experience for several years.

Just imagine that you have a powerful video maker with special effects, stylish transitions, hundreds of ready-made design templates, the ability to overlay a logo, add a splash screen and titles, animate a picture with powerful 3D animation, add any music to the video sequence, or voice it with your own voice …

It sounds tempting, but this is not a complete list of functions of a modern program for creating slideshows. But where and how can all this diversity be applied in life? There are at least 7 ways to successfully use photo slideshows for personal and professional goals.

1. Video greetings


Birthdays, February 23, March 8, New Year, wedding anniversary, or relationship – there are many reasons for the holiday, and everyone requires gifts. And therefore, the cost of money, labor, and time. This is where the slideshow will definitely come to the rescue. The recipient will want to watch a beautiful video postcard or memorable video over and over again. And every time he will remember you with a kind word. Plus, slideshows have several pragmatic benefits.

First, you can personalize the gift by adding personal photos. Secondly, it does not require money for materials, in contrast to all sorts of hand made. Thirdly, you do not have to spend energy on exhausting running around the shops. Fourthly, you can scale your gift – we made the project in general form, for example, by February 23rd, and then only change the names and photographs of men, and make cosmetic amendments.

2. Creating a portfolio or resume


If you have a creative profession or your own business, then the photo slideshow will help to present yourself beautifully. Numerous training certificates help to prove professional suitability, but viewing them is not the most exciting experience. Another thing is a stylish video, where the credits indicate the content of the courses passed, and the certificates are combined with your photos from these events. Agree, it looks more convincing.

If you are engaged in manual work – the same. It doesn’t matter if it is sewing soft toys, forged lattices, caricature portraits – a selection of your best works in the format of a stylish video with their examples, descriptions, deadlines, and cost will look more advantageous than just a set of photos.

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A separate article – photographers, especially those working at events. It is definitely difficult for them to come up with a more suitable portfolio format than an animated display of the best shots. For convenience, you can split pictures by genre, seasons or other classification criteria, or prepare several smaller videos, but in the same style. In addition to the portfolio itself, a slide show can be a separate service. For example, they are often included in a wedding photography package.

3. Presentation


Are you studying or working? In both cases, you need to speak to the public or deliver information remotely. Of course, you can use the good old PowerPoint, and then watch how the audience peacefully snoozes under your speech. Or you can make a dynamic video, supplement it with energetic music and keep the audience’s attention until the end of the performance. This is where the animation comes in especially handy – charts and metrics come to life.

photo slideshow presentation

And if this is a business report, then it is ideal to complement it with photographs of satisfied customers. Their smiling faces will convince management or potential buyers much better than your words and numbers. If you work with children in a kindergarten, school, camp or leisure centre, then for you a slide show is a lifesaver before any event.

4. Content and design


Do you have a blog or group on social networks? Then you know that the response from subscribers to videos is higher than to ordinary images or text. You will probably be interested in the ability to create full-fledged video previews for articles or intros for your YouTube channels. Moreover, the program has ready-made settings for saving videos in formats that are optimal for the most popular sites.

You can also revive old content formats and add new ones. Ordinary collections of photos combined into a music video with 3D animation will sparkle with new colors. Subject photo films are several heads higher than the classic text illustrated with several photographs. After all, you can combine photo, video and audio materials, effectively packing them into one bottle using a powerful animation editor.

photo slideshow desin

In principle, it is convenient to cover some topics in this format. Is your group about football? Congratulate the legend of your favourite club on his birthday with a video about the highlights of his career. Is your blog about music? make a preview for the new album or edit a video about the last concert.

5. Advertising and promotion


Do you have your own small business or part-time job? This means that you probably needed banners or commercials. It doesn’t matter what field to work in – children’s parties, nails with eyelashes, or plumbing repair. Nowadays, it is unrealistic to promote your business on the Internet without advertising. However, its creation is laborious, especially if you do not own Photoshop. It is much easier and more convenient to edit a promo video in  PhotoSHOW PRO.

create a best photo slideshow

In the program, you can prepare both a traditional video with text on a photo or videophone, as well as more interesting options using 3D animation, motion graphics for minimalistic screensavers, spectacular effects like Tetris or a photo puzzle or fashionable stop-motion technique. For any of these techniques, there are ready-made detailed instructions – you just need to repeat the sequence of actions using your own photos, videos, text, and music. And once you get used to it, you can start producing advertising for other entrepreneurs. This is a good source of additional income.

6. Making a family archive with photo slideshow


Remember how it was before. Massive albums with pasted photographs, stacks of cassettes and discs. Now almost everyone uses digital photography, but the order is no longer there. Photos are chaotically piled up on the hard drive or in albums in social networks, and flipping through 500+ monotonous pictures, you can fall asleep (hello to the film, which made you think and then click, and not vice versa). And then your system crashes or your hard drive burns out – and that’s it, goodbye to your favorite memories. many programs allow you to solve these problems.


album photo slideshow

Firstly, each portion of photos (from a seaside holiday, from a birthday) can be made into a thematic video and shared with friends. This will make viewing more enjoyable and interesting. Secondly, you can create an analog of a family album in electronic form, gradually adding new frames there. Including old paper photos – just scan or reshoot them. Thirdly, you can hedge against possible problems with your computer by burning a full DVD with a menu and beautiful design.

7. Hobby for a senior citizen


Parents or grandma don’t know what to do after retirement? Are you bored without doing something, and you don’t always have enough strength and health for active rest? Give them the opportunity to express themselves creatively! Making photo slideshows is an interesting hobby in itself, and helps you get up to speed on your computer. And your children and grandchildren will have the most attentive and sensitive chronicler who will record the first words, first steps and other important events in the life of your baby, and then arrange them beautifully.

The advantages of such a hobby are obvious – it does not require regular or additional expenses, you do not need to walk or travel somewhere either. No costs for consumables, warehouses of various rags, sticks, and threads, shelves clogged with products – everything is compact, clean, and beautiful. And communication and exchange of experience with other photo slideshow lovers, participation in competitions for the best works will help maintain and improve socialization.

album photo slideshow

We have listed far from all possible use cases for a slideshow. Mastering the powerful and varied tools of the slideshow program allows you to apply your skills in any area. The main thing is to determine for yourself the strong qualities and merits of such videos, and then convey this understanding to customers and clients.

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